The Woolven Secret


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Blake Woolven is the bad boy CEO of Woolven Industries, but he’s badder than the luscious, BBW Randi Rutger would’ve guessed. After Woolven took down her father’s company and devoured it like a shaking rabbit, she’s determined to get close to him and make all the Woolvens pay for destroying her father. Blake knows Randi’s agenda, but the wolf inside him will do anything to have her. Even expose the Woolven family secret. When Randi sees Blake and his brothers shed their skins beneath the moon, she’s terrified. But it’s just what she needed to bring him low—that and the silver nitrate plasma gun her father designed. With her loyalties torn, Randi must choose between avenging her father and the big bad wolf who clawed his way into her heart.

Fresh Fiction says “BIG BAD BILLIONAIRE is super sexy with complex and captivating characters. Blake’s brothers and uncle are all characters who I’d like to learn more about — especially Warner. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this Woolven Secret series to find out what happens next!”






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While on holiday in Greece, Drew Woolven had a passionate encounter with a woman he never expected to see again. Especially not in a small Midwestern town with a dark-haired boy that has a crescent moon birthmark on his wrist that matches Drew’s own. Emmie Anderson had never been more thrilled than when she discovered she was pregnant. At thirty-eight, she was tired of waiting for the right man to have a child, and after a messy divorce from a sociopath, she’s not sure she wants a man. Emmie thought she had it all planned out until she discovered her son’s unique affliction. Pack law demands Drew marry her and turn her to keep the Woolven secret, but after her divorce, Emmie swore she’d never let another man have that kind of power over her again.

Especially not one who tempts her to surrender her heart.










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After waking up in a hotel room in Vegas married to waitress Belle Vaughn instead of wolf heiress Maribella DeVaughn, Parker knows he’s made a mistake of epic proportions. One that his family, money and position can’t fix for anyone involved. There will be no annulment or divorce. Not only because wolves mate for life, but because of Woolven Industries. They can’t afford another scandal. Belle doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal until the full moon Parker tries to turn her and fails—because she’s a vampire. They aren’t even the same species, but somewhere along the way, the show they put on for human society became real and that mistake became something not only worth dying for, but worth living for, too.









Warner “War” Woolven is the scarred, half-mad uncle who shuns human or wolf contact at all cost. After the last pack battle when the Woolven patriarch was killed, War raised the boys until they could fend for themselves and then retreated to his animal form to live off the land. Until Parker marries the wrong woman. The marriage covenant states only a Woolven heir, so to protect his brother’s sons War steals Maribella and marries her in the way of old—with his bite. Maribella planned her current circumstances too well to be saddled with an ugly, deformed beast like War. Yet as her time passes with him, she comes to the stark realization that maybe the ugly isn’t on him at all, but inside herself. His quiet and stoic sacrifice could easily be mistaken for apathy, if she hadn’t heard him in the grip of his nightmares reliving the torture he endured to protect those he loved. Maribella thinks at first love is a kind of madness until she experiences it herself and discovers she’d do anything to be worthy of a noble wolf like Warner Woolven.










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Marchessa de la Luna’s duty is to the marriage arranged to the enigmatic and powerful, but aging Alpha Antony Rommulus. Her passion is for the rogue Cassius who can give her nothing except pleasure. Marchessa must choose if it will be duty or desire that will decide her fate and that of her pack.








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When Armand Rommulus killed Luc Ardennes in single combat before the Great Council, he was forced to leave his pack and his home—and claim his birthright as the Ardennes Alpha. But Armand isn’t like other wolves—he’s something deadlier. Armed with a new evolution, and the magic in his blood, he’s a force to be feared.

Victoria had no love for her sire, but what she does have is love for her people. She’s determined to free them from the curse forcing them to become mindless, slavering terrors every full moon. Even if it means taking their new Alpha to mate. She quickly discovers Armand is not only a good man, but a noble wolf.

Victoria must choose between the life of the Alpha she loves, or breaking the curse tormenting her pack.





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Eleanor Westwood, resident Woolven caretaker and wicked witch extraordinaire, has a slip of the tongue that conjures a real-life goblin king. Enoch needs to give his subjects a white Christmas, but only a certain wicked witch will do for a very merry hexmas.